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Halloween happenings... 
November 2, 2009 by Ron Jester

The ZSG crew happened to be all over the place on Halloween... we had two planned events that happened at the exact same time and we had Kedro and Vic at the KGGO Halloween Bash in Altoona while I was doing the bar crawl and attending the Halloween Bash at Peoples Court in downtown Des Moines.  We were all rather disappointed with the lack of zombies at both events, however, Kedro did his best to strike fear into the crowd as a rather faceless ghoul. The few photos we have of these events are on the Facebook page. I also posted a note on the page detailing some of the things we have planned for ZSG this year.

Des Moines Zombie Walk!
October 19, 2009 by Ron Jester

We have some more video from the recent Zombie Walk held in downtown Des Moines, IA.  Kedro did a great job keeping ahead of the zombie mob and getting some good footage.  Look for Vic in the bright purple dress, just can't miss her.  With Halloween coming up fast, keep tabs on us and you'll know when we'll be out with the camera again.  The raw video for the DSM Zombie Walk has been uploaded to our YouTube channel.

Disclaimer: If you must attempt to document zombie activity in your area, be safe and keep your distance, and don't forget your crotch piece... (ask keddy) ...

"Collapse", currently in production...
October 9, 2009 by Ron Jester

Some of the crew here at Zombie SG went to a casting call in Iowa city a while back and last weekend our very own Victoria was called in to be an extra on the set of the film "Collapse" which is currently in production.  If they don't cut the scene we should be seeing her in the theatrical release.

Iowa Zombie Walk, photos and video!
September 18, 2009 by Ron Jester

Kedro and Vic returned with the media from the 4th annual Iowa Zombie Walk, and V did a really decent job with breaking in the new digital camera.  The photos and raw video are already uploaded on Facebook, and we also uploaded the videos to our YouTube channel.


These photos and more can be found on our Facebook page.  Check them out and become a fan of ZombieSG while your there!  ^_^

Zombie March
September 18, 2009 by Kedro

Tomorrow is the annual Iowa City Zombie March.  Join the Zombie S.G. crew in this march across Iowa City, Iowa.  Frighten the living, devour like only a zombie can devour, and if you like meet with our zombie camera operator to be interviewed taped and pictured as a premier Iowa Zombie.  Not all will make the zombie cut, so bring your best zombie!

A note from the Webby...
September 18, 2009 by Ron Jester

Today marks the beginning of another fun collaboration of creativity and talent.  Kedro wanted a zombie site!  So he got a zombie site, and here I am doing customization work on the template he picked out for it.  I will be working on a flash intro page later on, currently we are just getting the site uploaded and ready to go for the media Kedro will be uploading next week.


We are looking for ghoulish affiliate sites, if your interested in a link exchange send us a request!


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